Company Profile

Company Profile

Our main objective is to provide professional Real Estate services for our clients within an atmosphere of trust and confidence. We seek to understand the needs of our clients and do our utmost to best meet those needs. We also understand that in a very competitive market nothing must be overlooked, therefore we pay attention to every detail during the process of any transaction.

The CEO of the company Mr Panicos Nicolaou, has a degree in Accounting & Finance and an MBA , both from UK universities. He has a lot of experience in large transactions and he is always personally involved in large investment transactions.

Our team consists of trusted:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Bankers
  • Architects, and
  • Property Valuers (RICS)

who are working along our site to protect our clients' interest.

Services such as company registration, opening of bank accounts, and the necessary due diligence can be arranged on request.

Finally, we can assist our clients who invest over €2.5m to apply for a Cypriot Nationality by investment under Cyprus Law.